Effective giving begins with understanding our most desired outcomes. By exploring our personal values and establishing priorities, we reveal the potential direction of our giving. At Tipping Point, we most desire that our giving achieve its greatest potential, leading us to prioritize breadth and permanence of impact when choosing among many worthy options.

Equally important to us is scaling our dreams to match our means. As modest contributors, we recognize the limited impact our giving would have on well-funded causes, and instead direct our investments toward emerging and underserved causes that can best use our resources. By fostering these high potential causes today, we preserve their breakthrough solutions of tomorrow, maximizing the potential good we do with our giving.

Because potential impact is at the core of our investment strategy, we employ our collective business acumen to evaluate operational viability of target charities, and to understand the mechanisms by which they intend to achieve their goals. Because of our emphasis on impact scope and permanence, we also consider a cause’s influence potential through education and public policy.




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