Effective giving requires not only clarity of purpose and a commitment to achieving related outcomes, but also the foresight to predict the probability of success, depth of impact, and the consequences of not giving.  At Tipping Point, after exploring our personal values and priorities, we determined that our most desired outcomes centered on improving animal welfare and reversing climate change.  Happily, these two outcomes share a common solution – the displacement factory farming.  We therefore support a variety of causes and initiatives that aim to reduce, or eliminate animal agriculture.

Equally important to us is scaling our dreams to match our means.  As modest contributors, we recognize the limited impact our giving has on well-funded causes, and therefore typically direct our investments toward emerging and underserved causes that can best amplify our resources.  By fostering high potential causes today, we preserve their breakthrough solutions of tomorrow, maximizing the potential good we do with our giving.

Because potential impact is at the core of our investment strategy, we evaluate not only the methods by which target charities intend to achieve their goals, but also the impact of their initiative, the probability of success, and the extent to which it would be underserved without our participation.       

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