Devoted to giving for the greatest good


Humanity’s charitable inclinations represent our worthiest qualities, and, when properly directed, have the power to be truly transformative. The advanced state of the world’s connectedness only enhances this transformative power by improving our awareness of need, and better informing us of effective solutions. Tipping Point Private Foundation is a proud member of the Effective Altruism movement, a cause aimed at maximizing the impact of charitable giving by influencing the distribution of resources to the greatest needs, and to the institutions most effective at addressing these needs. In resisting the temptation to base our giving solely on personal experience or proximity, we extend the horizon of influence to include those not known to us, but who may most benefit from our resources. By applying reasoned, evidence-based methods in our selection process, we put our resources in the hands of the most effective change agents.

At Tipping Point, our pursuit of greatest good is accomplished by seeking out new, small, and underserved charities, whose untapped potential represents the greatest return on investment. It is the application of thoughtful analysis, leading to the support of organizations that we can “tip” into viability, or help achieve critical mass, that represents our vision of the greatest good we can do. By analyzing the potential impact of our giving, we make wiser choices, allowing our goodwill to be guided by good judgment.

Simply put, our mission is to practice and promote effective altruism, and by frequently varying the targets of our altruism, we broaden the range of exposure to our philosophy and methodologies, providing more opportunity for their adoption by others.