Tipping Point Private Foundation Grant to the Cellular Agriculture Society.

Posted: September 21 2018

EUGENE, Oregon 9/21/2018 - Tipping Point Private Foundation today announced a $10,000 grant to Cellular Agriculture Society (CAS) for the purpose of surveying consumer attitudes on “clean” meat.  CAS will use the funds to perform a variety of on-line surveys intended to better understand factors that influence consumer acceptance of cultured meat products.  “Through the experience and capability of Chris Bryant, CAS is uniquely positioned to perform these studies, providing the industry with the knowledge needed to develop successful consumer adoption strategies”, said Veronica Carrai, Director of Tipping Point.  “We look forward to them sharing their findings with the industry at large so that the benefit of this data is maximized”.

About Tipping Point

Tipping Point Private Foundation is committed to the cause of Effective Altruism, a movement that promotes doing the greatest good by applying reasoned, evidence-based methods.  Our support is directed to those agencies that are, or can be, most impactful with the resources provided, as determined through disciplined analysis.