Tipping Point Private Foundation Grant to The Pollination Project

Posted: July 29 2019

EUGENE, Oregon July 29, 2019 – Tipping Point Private Foundation today announced a $50,000 grant to The Pollination Project for use in a series of seed and impact grants to be distributed to projects aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through reduced animal farming.  “We are excited to partner with The Pollination Project and leverage their model that so effectively distributes funds to modest but high potential opportunities”, said Verónica Díaz Carrai, Director of Tipping Point.

About Tipping Point

Tipping Point Private Foundation is committed to the cause of Effective Altruism, a movement that promotes doing the greatest good by applying reasoned, evidence-based methods.  Our support is directed to those agencies that are or can be, most impactful with the resources provided, as determined through disciplined analysis.