Posted: October 14 2020




Grant Purpose

Impact to Date


DAO Foods international


Supporting the creation and maintenance of a business incubator in China fostering only organizations creating alternatives to animal products

Dao has selected five participants for its first cohort. Private funding, augmenting secured non-profit grants, will be raised in August 2020, allowing this first cohort to commence Q4 2020  


Reducetarian Foundation


Supported production of “Meat Me Halfway”, a documentary intended to raise public awareness of animal agriculture’s impact on the environment, and to inspire reduction in the consumption of animal products

The film has been completed and is in post-production.  A celebrity endorsement has been secured, increasing the credibility of the production.  It will be pitched to various streaming services in Q3 of 2020, with a target launch of Q4 2020 


New Harvest


To attract additional funding for New Harvest’s efforts to share scientific developments within the cultivated meat industry by offering a matching gift 

The gift was matched by another foundation, effectively doubling the funds provided to New Harvest for future efforts 


New Harvest


Funded a research fellowship in support of the University of Calgary’s effort to develop serum-free growth media for use in producing cultivated fish

The research has been suspended while crucial resources are redirected to the COVID 19 crisis. 



Greenhill Humane Society


To support Greenhill’s capital campaign to upgrade their facility and broaden their capacity and capabilities

Greenhill is more than hallway toward their goal of completely renovating and expanding their entire facility. The new canine housing is completed with greatly expanded and modernized care facilities


Pollination Project


To fund a series of micro-grants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through reduced animal farming




A large number of seed and impact grants have been distributed globally, all with the express intent of reducing animal consumption.  Several of these grants have expanded the footprint of the recipients, allowing them to amplify their efforts


New Harvest


Funded a research fellowship in support of the University of Auckland’s study to develop serum-free growth medium for use in the production of cultivated meat

The initial effort at creating serum-free growth media did not succeed, but the findings have informed a new approach that will be attempted once COVID 19 priorities are addressed


Cellular Agriculture Society


To execute a series of on-line surveys to better understand consumer attitudes related to cultivated meat products

CAS published the results of multiple surveys sampling consumer attitudes about cellular agriculture naming conventions, willingness to sample cultivated meat, and the motivations or obstacles to product adoption


Greenhill Humane Society


Sponsored creation of a feline adoption room as part of the organization’s capital campaign to upgrade its facilities

The adoption room has been constructed and is fully operational as part of a broader initiative that has upgraded Greenhill’s entire facility, expanding its capacity and capabilities