Vegetarianos Hoy - cHILE

September 9, 2021

A restricted grant was made to Vegetarianos Hoy in support of their project No Son Muebles (“They are not objects”), which aims to modify Chile’s Constitution such that animals are considered sentient beings with the associated protections.  The grant also supports their efforts on fish welfare, specifically an awareness campaign, and the introduction of a bill protecting farmed fish and other aquatic animals.



Centre for Effective Altruism

August 25, 2021

A grant restricted to fish welfare was provided to the Centre for Effective Altruism in support of Farmed Animal Funders' Regranting Project, which fuds EU-based efforts to legislate reforms improving the treatment of farmed animals. 




The Humane League - UK

August 20,2021

A restricted grant was made to The Humane League Uk's "Making History for Fishes" campaign, providing legislative protection to farmed fish. 




July 20, 2021

A grant was provided to Faunalytics for the purpose of translating 15 studies and analyses related to fish welfare and farmed animal protection so that it they can be used by advocates operating in Mandarin and Hindi speaking countries. 




Environmental working Group

July 9, 2021

An unrestricted grant was provided to the Environmental Working Group for general support. 






International Documentary Association

 May 12, 2021

A grant was made to the International Documentary Association in support of a documentary, “Beyond the Pines”, detailing the environmental and health consequences of pig farming in rural North Carolina.



New Harvest

April 1, 2021

A grant was gifted to New Harvest for use in creating a digital publication tool for their recent manuscript on cultivated meat safety.  The tool will increase the accessibility and usability of their publication, making it more effective for use by start-ups, researchers, investors, regulators, and consumers.





March 30,2021

A grant has been provided to PCRM to help educate medical professionals on the healing powers of a plant-based diet. The funds will be used to support both their continuing medical education courses, and the continuation of their mobile app, Nutrition Guide for Clinicians.




Factory Farming Law & Policy - Fellowship Program

March 15, 2021

Tipping Point Private Foundation has granted to Richman Law & Policy to expand their fellowship program formed to target misleading advertising by the animal agribusiness industry. With additional legal resources the firm will continue to hold animal agriculture participants accountable for their representations, and for the industry's impact on public health, environment, workers, and animal welfare. 




ProVeg international

December, 3 2020

A grant was gifted to ProVeg International in support of their Impactor Award project. The funding will be used to create financial incentivizes for students to create influential social media messages aimed at promoting a vegan diet and lifestyle.





Greenhill Humane SociEty 

November 27, 2020

Tipping Point Private Foundation granted to Greenhill Humane Society under it's founder exemption program to expand and improve the care of local community shelter animals. This is Tipping Point's third grant in the program to improve animal welfare. 




New Harvest

November 18, 2020

Tipping Point Private Foundation grant to New Harvest is in support for their research fellowship program. This grant is specifically directed for use on the University of Calgary's study to develop serum-free growth media for fish ell cultures using production-grade systems. This is the second grant Tipping Point has made to this project.




The Pollination Project

October 30, 2020

Tipping Point Private Foundation has extended its partnership with The Pollination Project with a grant to continue sponsorship of their seed and impact program to reduce animal farming. This is Tipping Point's second grant to the program.





September 28, 2020

Tipping Point Private Foundation grant to New Harvest is for the purpose of creating a committee of cultivated meat producers who will anticipate and address industry regulation issues.






JUNE 30, 2020

Transacted through the services of Rethink Charity, Tipping Point Private Foundation today announced a grant to Dao Foods International  for use in creating and sustaining its business incubator in China.  Dao Foods is planning a three-year Incubator initiative intended to foster the development of 30 start-up organizations offering alternatives to animal-based products. As effective altruists we’re looking for greatest impact, and Dao Foods’ presence in China, who leads the world in animal consumption, represents a tremendous opportunity to reverse that trend, improving animal welfare, and positively impacting climate change.    





FEBRUARY 29, 2020

Tipping Point Private Foundation supported The Reducetarian Foundation with a grant for use in its documentary “Meat Me Halfway”, an effort to raise public awareness of conventional animal agriculture’s impact on the environment, and to inspire a reduction in the consumption of animal products. Effective altruism sometimes leads to adopting pragmatic approaches to solving problems, even if it seemingly conflicts with the purity of our intentions. The Reducetarian Foundation’s approach of encouraging any reduction in animal consumption, often more palatable to the general public, will result in better outcomes for animals and our environment.




DECEMBER 02, 2019

Tipping Point Private Foundation supported New Harvest with a “matching” grant for use in promoting research into alternatives to conventional meat products. In making this year-end matching grant, we hope to encourage others to donate to New Harvest so that the utility of our funds is maximized. Science and research are pivotal to producing cost effective solutions, and New Harvest not only facilitates this research, they also ensure that results are shared with industry.




NOVEMBER 21, 2019

Tipping Point Private Foundation supported New Harvest with a grant for funding of a research fellowship at the University of Calgary’s study to develop serum-free growth medium for fish cell cultures using production-grade systems. The grant supports the first year of what is intended to be a two-year program. Funding this fellowship program allows New Harvest’s postdoctoral candidate to participate in this important research, providing public access to their findings. Tipping Point aim is to maximize the benefits of this research by broadening industry access to it.     




OCTOBER 09, 2019

Tipping Point Private Foundation gifted Greenhill Humane Society with a grant in support of their on-going capital campaign for a new state-of-the-art facility. Greenhill remains the community leader in animal welfare, and the successful completion of this new facility will significantly improve the care and resources applied to the local animal population.




JULY 29, 2019

Tipping Point Private Foundation supported The Pollination Project with a grant for use in a series of seed and impact grants to be distributed to projects aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through reduced animal farming. We are excited to partner with The Pollination Project and leverage their model that so effectively distributes funds to modest but high potential opportunities.




FEBRUARY 19, 2019

Tipping Point Private Foundation supported New Harvest with a grant for funding of a research fellowship in support of the University of Auckland’s study to develop serum-free media for use in producing “clean” meat.  By funding this fellowship, we facilitate New Harvest’s participation in this important research, as well as securing access to its findings. Our aim is to maximize the benefits of this research by broadening industry access to it.   




SEPTEMBER 21, 2018

Tipping Point Private Foundation supported Cellular Agriculture Society (CAS) with a grant for the purpose of surveying consumer attitudes on “clean” meat.  CAS will use the funds to perform a variety of on-line surveys intended to better understand factors that influence consumer acceptance of cultured meat products. Through the experience and capability of Chris Bryant, CAS is uniquely positioned to perform these studies, providing the industry with the knowledge needed to develop successful consumer adoption strategies. We look forward to them sharing their findings with the industry at large so that the benefit of this data is maximized.




AUGUST 22 2017

Tipping Point Private Foundation gifted a grant to Greenhill Humane Society to sponsor the cat adoption colony room associated with their current capital campaign. Greenhill is one of the community’s most visible and effective animal welfare agencies, and we’re very pleased to be able to contribute to their cause. This funding will further improve their ability to socialize animals in their care, making them more adoptable.

















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